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Author: TOSELLO Benito – Cento / Fe – 2008

Born in Cavarzere in 1939, he became passionate about drawing and painting as a child, then as a boy he self-taught the first works of landscapes and nature. At the age of 14 he began attending courses in carpentry and cabinet making with maestro Dal Piva, and out of interest and passion he began to build his first instruments, a violin and a guitar, by himself. For work reasons he moved with Fiat first to Turin, where he remained for 6-7 years, then to Cento in 1971, continuing to cultivate a passion for painting, becoming a friend and pupil of the painter Maceo Casadei, and violin making. In fact, in his spare time he begins to frequent the Natale Carletti workshop in Pieve di Cento, becoming his apprentice and pupil, learning not only the construction techniques typical of the tradition of the territory. In 1982, engineer Angelo Zarri, president of the Centopievese School of Artistic Crafts, contacted him to start a lutherie teaching course. In thirty years of activity, Tosello has made about 200 violins, 50 cellos, 30 violas and 20 double basses.


  • Personal Model
  • Italian spruce top
  • Poplar back
  • Red orange alcohol paint

Size: 75,5 cm

Certificate: by author