Author: DAOGLIO Mario 1983 – Suzzara- Mn

Born on March 25, 1926 in Suzzara (Mantua). From the tender age of 13, Mario showed a predisposition and great interest in music; but in those times, having no economic possibility to buy a new violin, he decided to build one with his own hands and with simple and self-made tools. Time passes and his great passion for stringed instruments made him become over the years a great Master-Luthier of world renown. To build his instruments, he used indifferently the woods of black poplar and field maple. The paints used by Master Daoglio are transparent and velvety, of the oil or alcohol type; with the typical colors of the Mantuan violin. Personal models and others inspired by Antonio Stradivari. Great skills in the construction of the forms and in the process of building the violin.


  • Personal Model
  • Spruce top with medium-large and marked growth
  • Two-piece back in maple with medium narrow and fairly irregular curl
  • Warm orange alcohol paint

Size: 35,8 cm

Certificate: Pasquetto Luca